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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The sun has unusually graced us with its presence for longer than thirty seconds, meaning it now seems fitting to officially unveil the title of “summer” from the ashes. Knowing Britain, of course, this will probably contour into the usual overcast greyness that we so adore before long, but nonetheless the emotions brewed from the current sweaty stickiness will be enough to keep us drinking in pub gardens until at least late August. (Sadly, as I was writing this, the sun disappeared – I probably jinxed it).

Such delightful ~summer fun~ should, therefore, deserve some saucy tunes to go with it (I’ve never said that in my life and now I don’t know how to feel). Over the past couple of weeks I have been (attempting) to formulate the perfect playlist that is not overly cheesy nor overly…shocking, like some of the pre-made playlists you find (@Spotify).

Thus, I present to you my saucy summer soundtrack (that sibilance though):

  1. At Home – Crystal Fighters


My greatest discovery of the summer would, no doubt, be the music of the Crystal Fighters. Well, I say MY discovery, it was actually my boyfriend Will’s (a.k.a lil ridgy) – yes, he actually told me to say that…don’t ask questions, he’s just weird. “At Home” from their 2010 album “Star of Love” tops my list simply due it’s beauty. The rhythms, almost resembling that of an African drum, give a sense of life and excitement to the lyrical tale of a woman seeking to be by her lover’s side. The song in its entirety seems to radiate a sense of hope and ambition, spurring the perfect mood for a cheery summer’s day. The rhythmic chants in between verses and toward the opening and ending of the song also give it a highly catchy quality, making it a relatively easy listen. This song will, indefinitely, give you Made In Chelsea vibes throughout. It goes without saying that this is not the only Crystal Fighters song to make it onto my playlist, with songs such as “Follow”, “Plage” and “Yellow Sun” also concocting the ideal summer mood.

2. Speed Racer – Her’s


The 2017 single “Speed Racer” released by the band Her’s follows as a close second from “At Home”, with its low singing tones and springy rhythms almost giving off the feel of a summer party in the 50s or 60s, incorporating staccato electric guitar and bass melodies that spur the need to get up and dance. As is presented in the cover of the single, this song is also fitting to the scene of a beach, transporting you to an undiscovered holiday resort or a shore surrounding a quirky town. A definite must for a summer playlist.

3.  Nine In The Afternoon – Panic! At the Disco


Now this next song is the prime example of an oldie but a goodie. Panic! At the Disco’s 2008 hit “Nine In The Afternoon” gives off the greatest feel-good vibes of any song I’ve discovered this year. Now, baring in mind, I love any music that Panic! produce and always believe it is the pinnacle of perfection, however this one seems to strike a different chord with its slightly pop-ier identity that co-ordinates perfectly with the rhythm and lyrics to produce a catchy, summery vibe. The song radiates notions of youth and careless fun; the idea of losing that sense of time altogether and allowing the evening to become a new beginning to the day. It’s rhythm and instrumental melodies depict those of a High School marching band or parade, highlighting the feeling of recapturing your adolescence. No matter your age, this song makes you feel young and happy again, much like the beauty of the summer time does.

4.  Caramelo Duro – Miguel


5. Sunflower – Rex Orange County

6. Life Itself – Glass Animals

7. Girls Like Me – Will Joseph Cook 


Once again, I must credit the discovery of Will Joseph Cook to my friend Sian (realistically I don’t know why you’re listening to my recommendations when you should really be listening to hers). “Girls Like Me” is just one of the stellar tracks on Cook’s 2017 album, “Sweet Dreamer”. Diving into the classic indie-pop genre, there’s no way this song could possibly go wrong. Its simple but catchy melodies make it a palatable tune for all, no matter how obscure or otherwise your music taste may be. Though I am only just beginning to discover this artist myself, I have no doubt that this easy-listening track will make you want to do the same.

8. Birds Don’t Sing – TV Girl


I can’t quite put my finger on what makes this an incredible addition to this playlist…ah yes, indie pop. Essentially anything the categorises itself as such with an upbeat tempo or catchy instrumental progression is enough for me to classify it as “summer brilliance”. Of course, TV Girl’s 2014 single, “Birds Don’t Sing”, is no exception, with its theme of a crumbling relationship counteracting the cheery disposition of the melody (having said that, the singers monotone voice means that effect could’ve been lost if it weren’t for the instrumental). The additional samples of a woman’s voice seem to give it an almost dated feel, as well as simultaneously answering the narrator’s suggestions in the lyric (“It all sounds a little sick to me”). Nonetheless, as I have done many a time, raise this to high volume in your car on a summer’s day and you’re in for a treat.

9. California Daze – Peace


Now, this is one for the siesta period after a long day (or 2 hours) in the sun. Peace’s “California Daze” from their 2012 EP “Delicious” radiates a beautiful simplicity with its echoing guitar strums and soft melodies, seemingly perfect for just relaxing; no fuss, no stress. The drum accompaniment present in the second verse and the slightly later electric guitar solo do provide a slightly upbeat quality, though do not take away from the “chillness” (is that even a word?) of the track. This song will definitely make you sit back and reflect on life for a moment or two, or else make you think about how tired you are from trudging around in thirty degree heat all day.

10. T-Shirt Weather – Circa Waves

So, that concludes my meaningless ramble over my favourite summer songs and although I doubt any of you will give these a listen, I strongly recommend you do (mostly because this took me an AGE…so maybe just listen to at least a couple for the sake of my sanity?) Happy Summer!

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