Are Matcha Lattes Replacing Coffee?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

If you are one to explore the many corners of Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, you are bound to have seen a little mint-coloured deity adorning many an influencer's hand in the mornings, often paired with a signature breakfast.

This is known as the Japanese matcha green tea latte. A fine powder made from green tea leaves that is whisked with water and served with milk. Providing options of both hot and over-ice, it is rumoured to mimic the awakened state we usually receive from coffee, but without the jittery bodies or funny tummies.

In fact, many have claimed the complete opposite happens when consuming a matcha over coffee, since the body appears to take on a more relaxed and level-headed state, despite the caffeine. The buzz kill is also significantly less, and most people claim not to feel it at all.

So, surely this should be a bigger deal, right? Where's the catch here? Well - I suppose it all comes down to your tastebuds. It seems fairly obvious to state that matcha does not and will never taste like coffee, so if that flavour is your calling, this may not be the best choice (not that matcha doesn't taste amazing in its own right). There's also less flexibility with matcha (at least, so far), as you can pretty much just mix it with different milks and...that's about it. But nothing says people won't start getting more experimental! I'm sure coffee's roots didn't automatically jump to a s'mores Frappuccino.

Overall whether the colour makes you side eyed with disgust or brim with aesthetically-fuelled glee, the matcha latte is certainly a beverage to try at least once. Stop drinking coffee because you have to, and move onto something that will give you a boost with little to no consequence.

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